Which Country Is Number 1 in Technology 2021?

Wondering which countries are leading the way in technology? Here’s a look at the top 10 nations in technology for 2021.

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United States

The United States has been number one in technology for many years, and it looks like it will continue to hold that spot in 2021. The country has a long history of innovation, and its companies are responsible for some of the most important technological advances of the last century. Today, the US is home to many of the world’s leading tech firms, including Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Amazon. And it’s not just the big names that are doing well – there are also a number of smaller startups that are making a name for themselves in the tech world.

So what is it that makes the US such a great place for technology? There are a number of factors, including a strong culture of innovation, a large pool of skilled workers, and ample funding for research and development. The US also has a thriving ecosystem for startups, with many accelerators and incubators providing support for young companies.

Looking to the future, there are many reasons to be optimistic about the US tech sector. With continued investment in R&D and an ongoing commitment to innovation, it’s likely that the country will maintain its position as a global leader in technology.


China is making huge strides in the world of technology, and it is now considered one of the leading countries in the field. In 2021, China is expected to overtake the United States as the number one country in terms of technology.


Japan is consistently a world leader in technology and innovation. The country has the most patents filed per capita and is home to some of the largest and most advanced technology companies in the world, including Sony, Panasonic, Toshiba, Sharp, and Hitachi. Japan is also known for its robotics research and development, with Japanese companies supplying nearly 60 percent of the world’s industrial robots.

Japan has a well-educated workforce and a long history of investing in research and development (R&D). In recent years, the government has been investing heavily in initiatives to encourage innovation, such as the “integrated science and technology” initiative launched in 2016. This initiative is designed to support collaboration between industry, academia, and government to solve social issues through technology.

As a result of these factors, Japan is widely considered to be one of the most innovative countries in the world. In the World Economic Forum’s 2020 Global Competitiveness Index, Japan was ranked as the second-most competitive economy overall and first among Asian economies.

South Korea

As of 2021, South Korea is the world’s most technologically advanced country. This is due to a number of factors, including the high number of mobile phones and broadband subscriptions per capita, as well as the high level of Internet access. South Korea also has a very high level of investment in research and development, and is home to some of the world’s leading tech companies, such as Samsung and LG.


This small island located off the coast of China has been making big waves in the tech world in recent years. Home to companies like Asus, Acer, and HTC, Taiwan is quickly becoming a major player in the technology industry. And it’s not just hardware – Taiwan is also home to a number of tech startups that are making waves in the software world.

So what makes Taiwan so special? For starters, the country has a highly educated workforce. In fact, over 70% of Taiwanese adults have a tertiary education. This makes it very attractive for companies looking to set up R&D centers or manufacturing operations.

Taiwan also has a very supportive government that is committed to fostering a friendly environment for businesses. The government offers a number of incentives for companies that invest in the country, such as tax breaks and subsidies.

All of these factors have helped make Taiwan one of the most appealing destinations for technology companies in recent years. And with its strong infrastructure and skilled workforce, it’s likely that Taiwan will continue to be a major player in the tech world for years to come.


There is no definitive answer to this question as it can depend on a number of factors, including what you mean by “technology.” That being said, according to the latest figures from the World Economic Forum, Singapore is the world’s most “networked” country in 2021.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is the world’s number one destination for tech talent, according to a new report from CoreLocation. The report, which ranks the top 50 countries for technology talent, looks at factors such as the number of tech workers, access to capital, and the quality of life.

Hong Kong topped the list thanks to its large pool of tech workers, availability of funding, and high quality of life. The city is home to more than 7,000 tech startups, and is a popular destination for expats looking to work in the tech industry.

Other countries in the top five include Singapore, Canada, Sweden, and Finland. The United States dropped out of the top five this year, due to increased competition from other countries.


Israel is home to many innovative and cutting-edge companies, making it one of the leaders in technology in 2021. Israel is particularly well-known for its strong cyber security sector, as well as its advancements in artificial intelligence, big data, and more. With so many cutting-edge companies headquartered in Israel, it’s no surprise that the country is considered to be a top destination for tech talent.

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom has been named the world’s leading digital economy for the second year in a row, according to the 2021 Digital Economy Index (DEI).

The DEI, which is compiled by researchers at Vanderbilt University in the US, ranks nations on their “ readiness, infrastructure and digital inclusion”.

The UK scored particularly highly on “research and development”, which includes expenditure on scientific research as well as the number of patents filed. The country was also praised for its “advanced digital infrastructure”, which includes high-speed broadband access and mobile phone coverage.

The UK was followed by Sweden in second place and Denmark in third. Finland, Singapore, the Netherlands and Israel were also among the top 10.

The United States, which was ranked first in last year’s index, fell to 12th place amid concerns about its economic recovery from Covid-19 and investment in digital infrastructure.


Sweden is a world leader in innovation and is frequently ranked as one of the most innovative countries in the world. In the 2021 edition of the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Index, Sweden ranks 2nd out of 141 countries, and in the 2018 edition of the European Innovation Scoreboard, Sweden ranked 1st out of 27 European Union countries.

There are many factors that contribute to Sweden’s success in innovation, including a strong commitment to research and development, a highly skilled workforce, and a supportive business environment. Sweden also has a long history of successful entrepreneurs and world-leading companies, such as Ericsson, Volvo, and Ikea.

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