What Is Dewalt Xps Technology?

XPS technology works by projecting light down each side of the blade, casting a shadow of the blade in the work area. As the blade descends, the shadow sharpens, darkens, and reveals the precise width of the cut once completed.

Similarly, What is the Dewalt XPS system?

XPS technology works by projecting light down each side of the blade, casting a shadow of the blade in the work area. As the blade descends, the shadow sharpens, darkens, and reveals the precise width of the cut once completed.

Also, it is asked, What is XPS technology on a miter saw?

Woodworking pros favor the Dewalt DWS779 miter saw’s XPS work light cut-line technology over earlier laser light alternatives found on cheaper miter saws. The LED light is positioned right above the miter saw blade, casting a shadow of the blade kerf onto the workpiece.

Secondly, What is XPS technology?

The method of X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS), also known as electron spectroscopy for chemical analysis (ESCA), is used to examine the surface chemistry of a material. XPS can determine a material’s elemental makeup as well as the chemical and electronic states of its atoms.

Also, Can XPS be added to DWS779?

The DWS780 might be up to 50% more costly just because it has this capability. An XPS light upgrade kit for the DWS779 may be bought for hundreds of dollars and installed in only a few minutes.

People also ask, What is DeWalt shadow line?

When the blade is lowered and put in touch with the workpiece during setup, the shadow line tells you EXACTLY where the cut will be and is properly proportioned to the kerf of the blade. ‘XPS’ is the name given to Dewalt’s shadow line.

Related Questions and Answers

Does the Dewalt DWS780 have a laser?

A: No laser system exists. The DWS780 features an LED that displays a straight line shadow onto the material you’re cutting for an extra $200.00. This is the same saw as before, but without the LED light.

Do I need a laser on my miter saw?

Miter saws have employed a laser beam to trace the course of the blade through the material for years. To be sure, it’s a premium function, and not every saw has it. They function quite well, but they aren’t failsafe when it comes to precise cuts.

Does the DWS779 have a light?

The DWS779 does not come with a light, however it is laser guide light compatible. There’s also the XPS system, which employs LED lighting and is more efficient.

Can I add a laser to my miter saw?

Fit your miter saw with a laser cutting guide. Take comfort if you’ve seen laser cutting guides on miter saws and are wondering whether you can add one to your old saw. It is conceivable, and it is not prohibitively costly. The guide replaces the outer washer and fits alongside the blade.

Does Dewalt miter saw have laser?

DEWALT DW7187 Miter-Saw Laser System, Adjustable

Does the Dewalt DWS779 come with a blade?

Blade #DW3126 will be included in DWS779, yes.

Does DWS779 have a laser?

A laser guide is not included with the Dewalt DWS779. It does, however, come with a Dewalt blade placement and cutting system.

What is cutline blade positioning system?

Capacity and precision. A light on the blade forms a shadow that indicates precisely where the cut will be made on the workpiece with the Cutline Blade Positioning System.

Is the DWS780 worth the money?

This tool is definitely worth the money if you want high cutting capacity. I strongly advise woodworkers and professionals to get this book. Although this is not an entry-level miter saw, I would still suggest it to most people as a first-time miter saw if you know you’ll use it.

How do you raise the arm on a Dewalt miter saw?

DEWALT miter saws often use this lock. When you’re beginning a project, this is the simplest item to unlock. Simply turn the knurled knob in the other way to unlock it.

What does single bevel mean on a Mitre saw?

A single bevel miter saw can only adjust in one direction: to the left or right. As a result, you may perform one-directional bevel cuts using a single bevel miter saw. Single bevel miter saws may create bevel and miter cuts separately or simultaneously.

How wide is a Dewalt miter saw?

Boost your purchase Blade Length12 InchesBrandDEWALTItem DimensionsLxWxH27.17 x 22.44 x 19.88 inches 3800 RPM Power SourceAc/dc

What is the difference between miter and bevel?

Understanding the difference between a miter and a bevel cut is the first step in learning how to operate a miter saw. A miter is an angled cut made across a board’s face, or breadth. A bevel is an angled cut made through a board’s thickness.

Where is the safety on a Dewalt saw?

This pin is normally on the inside of the rail, however it may be on the outside on earlier versions. The lock pin unlocks the saw’s head, allowing you to move the blade up and down while the guide rail remains locked.


Dewalt XPS is a technology that was first released by Dewalt. It’s a type of welding rod that has been used for decades. Its main purpose is to be used in cutting and brazing applications, but it can also be used as a filler metal.

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Dewalt XPS technology is a type of material that is used in the construction of some buildings. It has been developed by Dewalt, and it can be found in many different types of building materials. Reference: dewalt xps vs laser.

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