High Technology Industries Are Often Located Near What?

Similarly, Where can be high-tech industries be located?

Although the majority of high technology industries are concentrated in major metropolitan areas, the promotion and geographical dispersion of “high technology,” or “knowledge intensive,” industries is a top priority for both local governments and the national government.

Also, it is asked, What is a high technology industry in geography?

Hi- Those sectors that employ research and technology to develop high-value goods, such as pharmaceuticals and electronics, are known as tech industries.

Secondly, What is the suitable criteria for setting up of high-tech industry in a region?

The high-tech industrial environment is marked by neatly spaced, modest, modern, scattered office-plant-lab buildings rather than vast assembly structures, factories, and storage sites. This need a huge space for enormous set up, which is not accessible because to rising population in big metropolitan locations.

Also, What are high technology industry explain with two points?

High-tech industry is characterized by robotics on the assembly line, computer-aided design (CAD) and production, electronic controls of smelting and refining processes, and the continuous creation of new goods.

People also ask, What is high-tech manufacturing?

Technology is at the heart of high-tech production. Manufacturing of personal and commercial computer goods is included. Companies in the industry also produce the components that allow computers to function, such as fiber optic cables, electron tubes, circuit boards, and capacitors.

Related Questions and Answers

What is high-tech services?

The high-tech sector may be described as sectors with large numbers of people in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) vocations, according to a research financed by the Workforce Information Council.

What is a high-tech market?

Individuals and organizations realize that high-tech solutions may meet current and newly recognized requirements and desires via an integrated communications-based approach.

What are the characteristics of high-tech industries?

Rather to huge assembly structures, high-tech industries have neatly spaced, modest, contemporary, scattered office plant lab buildings. Electronic controls of smelting and refining operations, robotics on the assembly line, computer-aided design and production

What are two example of high-tech industries?

Computers are an example of a hi-tech industry. Telecommunications. Military and aerospace equipment.

What factors affect high technology industries to an area?

Government regulations, demand considerations, the region’s technological level, and infrastructure, according to Czarnitzki, are the primary elements influencing the growth of high-tech industry (Czarnitzki and Thorwarth, 2012).

How is the high technology industry latest generation in manufacturing activities?

The current generation of industrial activity is known as high technology, or simply high-tech. I It is best defined as the use of extensive research and development (R&D) activities that result in the production of sophisticated scientific and technical goods.

Why do high technology industries group together?

Why are high-tech industries categorized as such? Because they may be positioned near major roads or highways, allowing personnel and service providers quick access. Companies may also profit from the interchange of information, services, and infrastructure including roads, parking lots, and efficient garbage disposal.

What is high technology examples?

microelectronics, data processing, genetic engineering, and telecommunications are examples of technologies that need the most complex scientific equipment and innovative engineering procedures (opposed to low technology)

What are the three characteristics common to high-tech environments?

According to Mohr (2000), high-tech industries must have three characteristics: market unpredictability, technological uncertainty, and competitive volatility, and a product cannot be deemed high-tech if it lacks one of these traits.

What is meant by high technology or hi tech industry giving examples of some of these industries highlight their important features?

Robotics on the assembly line, computer-aided design, electronic controls of smelting and refining operations, and pharmaceutical product development are examples of high-tech businesses.

What is high-tech industry Upsc?

The current generation of industrial activity is known as high technology, or simply high-tech. It’s best defined as the use of rigorous research and development (R and D) activities that result in the creation of sophisticated scientific and technical goods.

What are tech industries?

Companies that create, produce, or distribute electronic devices including computers, computer-related equipment, computer services and software, scientific instruments, and electronic components and goods make up the technology sector.

What is high-tech vs low tech?

Low-tech refers to new technology that is intended to be as simple as feasible. The phrase may also be used to describe outmoded technology that has simply become obsolete. The word “high tech” refers to relatively new technology with sophisticated characteristics.

What is the ideal location of an industry?

Answer. The location of industry is determined by the availability of raw materials, as well as the climate and soil conditions. Are some of the most essential criteria that impact an industry’s location.

What do you mean by industrial location?

the location or locations chosen by a company to carry out its economic operations.

What are high technology large scale industrial regions?

The following are some of the differences between traditional large-scale industrial areas and current high-tech industrial regions: Heavy industries are the foundation of traditional large-scale industrial districts, while tiny scientific enterprises are the foundation of current high-tech industrial parks.

Why do large scale industries choose different locations?

Answer: Large-scale enterprises choose various places in order to have easy access to markets, raw resources, labor supply, energy supplies, and agglomeration economies.

What are the characteristics of traditional large scale industries Region?

A significant share of employment in the manufacturing sector distinguishes traditional industrial areas. High-density dwellings, frequently of low quality, and inadequate services. Pollution, garbage dumps, and other unappealing aspects of the environment.

Which types of industries produce raw materials for other industries?

Because fundamental industries create raw materials for other sectors, option (C) is valid. Basic industry refers to the iron and steel industry. All other industries are built on top of it.

In which one of the following types of economy are the factors of production owned individually?

economic system based on capitalism

What are the similarities between information technology industry in Bengaluru and California?

Answer: Information technology in Bangalore and California are comparable in the following ways: both areas have high-quality educational institutions, technical and scientific research institutes, and IT firms, and both places employ well-trained and competent individuals.

On what basis are industries classified?

Raw resources, scale, and ownership may all be used to classify industries.

What does high technology mean?

Scientific technology involving the manufacture or use of modern or complex technologies, particularly in the domains of electronics and computers, is defined as high technology.

Who proposed that high technology industries are defined by paths of learning?

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What is high-tech industry geography?

Hi-Tech businesses, such as pharmaceuticals and electronics, leverage research and technology to develop high-value goods.


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